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About the Artist

Hello and welcome! I am Esther, a red-haired Aries who loves purple, foxes, painting and drinking tea!


For as long as I can remember, I have had a love of fairytales, myth and magic, along with a passion for art and crafts. These are the things that make me who I am and what I do now.


My path to becoming a fantasy artist began as a child, when I spent much of my time drawing fairytale characters and generally being lost in a world of fantasy.
As I grew, this evolved into an interest in myths, legends and folklore and nature. This in turn lead me to follow a path of paganism and druidry, all of which inspire my work today.


My first website launched in 2006 and had a small collection of faery paintings. My art has since branched out to explore the fantastical and mythical, such as Dragons, and inspiration from my spiritual path such as the Green Man and Celtic Gods and Goddesses. 
I also love to include animals in my artwork, such as my favourites: Foxes, hares, deer and ravens. I find much inspiration in the beauty of nature, the changing of the seasons, the power of the elements and the mystery of what lies beyond what we see.

Through my work I've very much become part of the Faery and Pagan Community, attending events around the UK exhibiting my creations and meeting interesting and inspiring people, which is another wonderful aspect to my work.


Along the way, I discovered Leatherwork when my husband took it up as a hobby to create some leather armour and bags. I soon learned how to apply my art to leather and we started selling leather creations alongside my artwork at events. Working in this medium opened up a whole new creative world, which led to us collaborating and creating our business 'TribaMythica'.

We now create highly sought after leather bags, along with a vast collection of leather jewellery, hair accessories, costume pieces, masks, headdresses and armour. Our leather crafts are inspired by all things mythical and fantastical along with celtic and nature influences.

In 2018 we followed a long time dream and moved to beautiful Somerset (UK) on the outskirts of magical Glastonbury. Here, we spend our days creating in our home studio, inspired by the beautiful land and the fantastic creative community around us.

I am very grateful to be doing what I do, following my path and looking forward to my next creative adventure! If you have a dream and ambition, follow it with all your heart. Work hard and Believe, and you will achieve!


To keep up with my latest art and creative projects, please follow me on Facebook where I update regularly.
To follow our leather craft, visit and find us on Facebook.


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